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Palladium Weapon Series


What is the Palladium Weapon Series?

It is a series of small sourcebooks that presents historically accurate data and information about ancient weapons from around the world.

For use with ANY game system. You heard right. The statistical information is designed and set up in such a way that it can be applied to virtually any game system that uses dice.

Much of the information in the series has been compiled in Palladium's Compendium of Weapon, Armor and Castles, but gamers continue to ask for the "small weapon books".

One reason, I think, is that the books are small, but packed with a ton of information. Thus, a player or G.M. needs to only grab whichever book in the series he needs for reference, and he's ready to go.

Another reason is that there is simply something convenient and appealing about this size and format.

Ideal for fantasy and historical games, as well as, modern games that use ancient melee weapons (knives, swords, axes, maces, ball and chain, picks, spears, pole arms, etc.).

  • Over 600 different weapons. Each Illustrated
  • Over 35 different types of armor from different periods of time. Each Illustrated
  • Historically accurate
  • For use with any game system. Some adaptation may be required.
  • Brief descriptions on the types and styles of ancient body armor from around the world
  • Compiled by Matthew Balent
  • Color cover by Scott Johnson
  • 48 pages. Square bound comic book-sized reference book.

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