Rifts Wiki

Greeting! My name is Jayson, and as you can probably tell from my User Name, I'm a Browncoat. I'm also an avid gamer, and a fan of the Rifts Role-playing Game, which is why I started this Wiki.


My first role-playing game was D&D. That was during the early days of "Advanced" D&D, and there was a lot of fan rules floating around, of which we made use of many. However, we were also disappointed with several aspects of D&D, so we were always trying new systems. The first Palladium game I played was TMNT & Other Strangeness, which introduced me to the "Megaversal" rules.


The Rifts Wiki is actually my first attempt at creating a Wiki, although I have contributed (usually anonymously) to many others. I'm happy with how it is turning out, and I hope to see more support and community action here in the future.

Please remember that, while you are free to add content to the Wiki, Palladium Books has only provided a limited license for others to utilize their intellectual property on the Internet. I have requested a formal license to utilize non-rules based information and images on the Wiki, but until that is approved I am limiting such things as much as possible. There will NOT be any Megaversal Rules posted on this Wiki!

Palladium Books

The guys at Palladium are great, and we wouldn't be able to do anything like this without not only their blessing, but their hard work and love of the game. I've contacted Palladium with a request to allow a limited amount of images and source material (non-gaming material) to be excerpted from the various Rifts titles, and until I receive their blessing or request to not, I am going to attempt to keep the pages clean of such things.


You can contact me here on the Wiki, or by e-mail at Browncoat Jayson At Gmail Dot Com (removing spaces and such).