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Undead Slayer O.C.C.
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The True Atlanteans have created an elite force of warriors dedicated to the eradication of supernatural evil. These warriors are known as the Undead Slayers and are empowered by tattoo magic. Like knights-errant, they travel from dimension to dimension, world to world, protecting innocent life forms, destroying monsters, and freeing those enslaved by vampires and their ilk. Their archenemies are vampires, vampire intelligences and the minions of Splugorth.


Unlike other basic T-Men classes this is described as a supernatural being/creature which is important for certain spells/weapons which affect them differently.

June 2021 thread also https://www.palladiumbooks.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=175211 in regard to Psi-Hounds and Psi-Stalkers

  • Mack "They'd be noticed like any other practitioner of magic."
  • Mark Hall "I'd lean towards Undead Slayers being more on par with a supernatural creature than a PoM, myself. They've been permanently turned into an MDC creature."
  • Mack "Fair point, and one I wouldn't dispute."


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