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The science of Techno-Wizardry was born in North America. It arose from a single idea: to meld the "twin sciences of magic and technology." Since it originates in North America, the world's largest number of Techno-Wizard and TW inventions are found there. Most other people around the world know absolutely nothing about Techno-Wizardry. The rest of the world has only begun to hear about this strange "new" magic from America in the last decade or two. In fact, Techno-Wizardry has really only taken off in a huge way in North America over the last twenty years.

The funny thing about Techno-Wizardry is that nobody really mass produces it the way Northern Gun mass produces weapons and power armor. There are some heavyweight TW manufacturing interests out there, such as Stonnspire. Tolkeen (at least before Final Siege), and the Colorado Baronies but the vast majority of TW production is actually in the hands of a Single craftsman or small groups a/Techno-Wizards hammering out product from a small workshop someplace. Most of what is made is done so for personal use, although an increasing number of TW producers are beginning to turn out product solely for resale and profit.

Owing to its hand-made nature, Techno-Wizard items tend to come out in small batches, usually with the designers' own personal touches adorning the device. In addition to that, Techno-Wizards are relentless tinkerers who love to take a design and improve on it, or work up something from scratch. This explains the multitude of different styles and variants of the same basic TW gear one might find among a group of adventurers or magic users all across North America. Tolkeen was the most consistent and business-like of all the TW manufacturers, but most of their effort went into creating weapons and machines for "war." With the fall of that great kingdom came the loss of all of its manufacturing facilities and many of its secrets.

Despite such independence and variety, there have emerged certain "standard" makes and models that Techno-Wizards have come to accept as the baseline for their craft. These are often the most effective and the simplest devices to manufacture, and as such, tend to be encountered far more frequently than less obscure models and items. Some are oldies but goodies, models pioneered long ago but which remain popular today because they work so dam well. Others are newcomers that might once have been somebody's exclusive design but have since been knocked off so many times they have become effectively "public domain" Techno-Wizardry, or even one of the standards from which other TW technology and magic is based. This is especially true of Tolkeenite TW gear which they built for the war against the Coalition, Once, Tolkeen's TW gear was exclusive to itself and much of it represented cutting edge TW science and art. After the war, its designs will be copied, produced and spread far and wide.