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Techno-Wizard O.C.C.
Vital statistics
Race Any
Gender Any
Government N/A
Leader N/A
Information Only about 20 percent are D-bees


Description of the Techno-Wizard O.C.C.

The Techno-Wizard is somewhat of an amalgamation of an alchemist, a spell caster, and an operator.  They are magic users who have learned to combine technology and magic. Though Techno-Wizards can use scrolls and cast spells, they focus on the creation of magical devices. These magic users have learned to direct their magical powers into machines, enabling them to do wondrous and stupefying things that at times seem to defy the laws of science. Techno-Wizard devices require PPE to activate, and can only be used by Techno-Wizards or other practitioners of magic. Techno-Wizards tend to be bold, daring and adventurous, at least in the experimentation of devices.


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Notable Members

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