Rifts Wiki

Structural Damage Capacity or SDC measures two things:

  • damage required to destroy an object, for non-living things
  • how much damage something can take before Hit Point damage is taken, for living things
    • this can be boosted by Physical Skills and some SDC bonuses or spells or other perks


RMB pg 9 assigned it by category:

  • 3d6 for psi
  • 4d6 for mages / scholars / adventurers
  • 1d4x10 for men at arms.

RUE287 assigned a 2D6+12 baseline where non-specified but would list distinct amounts for each class instead of by category.

Other games

Nightbane 36 is similar to Rifts:

  • 1d4x10 for military/police/detective/athletic background
  • 3d6 all others

PF2 pg 18 was much less generous

  • 3d6 for men at arms
  • 1d6 for all others (including mages/scholars)

as was BTS1 p 74

  • pg 10 gives only 3d6 for m/p/d/a and 2d for all others
  • pg 74 gives a +2d4 bonus on top of this for the Ordinary People OCC

HU1 assigned static (non-dice) SDC amounts based on power category:

  • 20 for aliens / enchanted weapon / mystic-bestowed / robot-exoskeleton pilots
  • 30 for bionics / experiments / mystic study (both wizard and illusionist) / mutants / psi
  • 35 for hardware / enchanted object
  • 40 for Stage Magician or Super Sleuth
  • 50 for hunter/vigilante
  • 30+1d6x10 (40-70) for Secret Operative
  • 50+2D4x10 (70-130) for Ancient Master (pg 155)
  • 30+3D4x10 (60-150) for Physical Training
  • 5-80 for Mutant Animal (based on Size Level)
  • 150/300 for normal/giant robots (pg 150) 400/500 for vehicles
    • unlike physical skills, budgets can buy more SDC up to various maximums, highest being 2000 for giant humanoid


Rifts recovers it at a daily rate like in Nightbane/PF

  • unlike TMNT and N&SS which recovered SDC at hourly rates