Rifts® Sourcebook One™ Revised and Expanded cover

Revised and Expanded


Rifts® Sourcebook One, Revised and Expanded will surprise and delight Rifts® fans. The new ideas, new vehicles, and new art are going to blow people away, especially the new A.R.C.H.I.E. Three and Republican material. More of A.R.C.H.I.E. Three’s history is revealed (and hints about his future), the Republicans (throwbacks to NEMA and Chaos Earth) are revealed at last, and . . . well, check it out and see for yourself.

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The first-edition version of this title is available at Banner-dtrpg. Because this book is for a previous version, some changes may be required for game information to be compatible with current rulebooks.


Secrets of Technology Lost and Found, page 6
Robotics: An Emerging Technology, page 8
Robot Creation, page 12
Common Robotics Features, page 34
Salvaging Robot Parts, page 35
Robot & Armor Repair, page 36
Weapons & Robots, page 38
Triax Imports, page 38

  • TX-30 Triax Ion Pulse Rifle
  • Terrain Hopper Power Armor
  • Predator Power Armor
  • Ulti-Max Power Armor
  • Triax DV-12 Dyna-Bot
  • Triax Forager Battlebot

Northern Gun, page 50

  • Weapons
  • NG Explorer Armor
  • NG Falcon 300 Jet Pack
  • NG-V7 Hunter Mobile Gun Robot
  • NG-M56 Multibot
  • NG-EX-5 Behemoth Explorer
  • NG-W9 Light Labor Drone
  • NG-W10 Heavy Labor Drone
  • NG-V10 Super
  • Northern Gun Vehicles
  • NG-150 Streetrunner Hovercycle
  • NG-357 Magnum-Turbo Hovercycle
  • NG-EV-011 Pathmaker
  • NG-HCH-2000 Big Bertha
  • Wilk's Laser Weapons
  • Laser Holographic Computer

The Face of Evil adventure, page 70
A.R.C.H.I.E. 3-0Z, page 80
James T, page 81
A.R.C.H.I.E. Three, page 82
Archie, the Machine Entity, page 86
Hagan Lonovich, page 89
Archie's Robot Legion, page 92

  • A-49 Combat Drone
  • A-51 Spybot
  • A-63 All-Purpose Heavy Robot
  • A-64 All-Purpose Master
  • AA-10 Bottweiler
  • Monst-Rex A-001 & A-002
  • Shemarrian Warriors
  • AA-50 Insecton

Titan Robotics, page 109

  • Titan Explorer & Light Combat Robot
  • Titan Reconnaissance Robot

Nightmares of a Tin Man, page 112
The Republicans, page 117
Archie and the Republicans, 109 P.A, page 121
Notable Weapons & Leaders of the Republicans, page 127

  • The Traditional Glitter Boy
  • Chromium Guardsman Mk III
  • Chromium Troop Armor
  • Golden Eagle
  • Republican M.D.C. Body Armor
  • Republican Weapons

Notable Republican Leaders, page 136

Monsters, page 139

  • Black Faerie
  • Brodkil
  • Neuron Beast
  • Splugorth Slaver
  • Splugorth Warriors
  • Rhino-Buffalo
  • Thornhead Demon
  • Witchling
  • Xiticix


Cover Painting: by Scott Johnson

Interior Art: by Wayne Braux, Newton Ewell, Todd Hebenstreit, Kevin Long, Michael Mumah, Jeffery Russell, Kevin Siembieda, Michael Wilson


Under Construction

Previous Versions

801 1e

Sourcebook One Cover (first edition)

The first edition featured an image of Hagan and his bottweilers on the cover.

  • A nightmare villain from Earth's past.
  • Robot monstrosities.
  • Creating Robot Characters (Optional R.C.C.).
  • Weapons and equipment from Triax Industries and others.
  • The Minion of Splugorth and other monsters.
  • More data on the Coalition and the world.
  • Questions and Answers.
  • Adventures, Rifts style!!
  • Compatible with the entire Palladium Books Megaverse!
  • Cat. No. 801

Other changes in first edition (under construction)


  • Under Construction

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