Northern Gun Samson Power Armor
Manufacturer Northern Gun
Model NG-X9 Samson
Cost 950,000 credits
Information Rifts® Ultimate Edition™
Technical specifications
Height 11 feet (3.3 m)
Width 5 feet (1.5 m)
Length 4½ feet (1.4 m)
Weight 460 lbs (207 kg),
1000 pounds (450 kg) fully loaded
Maximum Speed 150 mph (240 km)
Power System Nuclear power cell
Armament NG-202 Super Rail Gun

Mini-missile Rocket Launchers (2, forearms)
Knuckle Blades (2, hands)

Crew One pilot
Passengers None


An all-purpose combat and exploration power armor from Northern Gun. Although it cannot fly, it is capable of jet thruster assisted leaps and handles well in hand to hand combat. Fast, smooth and efficient.

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Weapon Systems

NG-202 Super Rail Gun

NG-202 Super Rail Gun
Damage Excellent (Energy)
Cartridge 6000 round ammo drum
Weight 210 lbs (94.5 kg), plus 300 lbs (135 kg) ammo drum
Effective Range 4000 feet (1219 m)
This is standard equipment for the Samson and is a powerful weapon. The unit is hooked directly to the armor's nuclear power supply. It fires bursts of 60 rounds.

Mini-missile Rocket Launchers

Mini-missile Rocket Launchers
Damage Varies by missile type
Cartridge Four mini-missiles (2 per arm)
Weight n/a (integrated system)
Effective Range One mile

Mini-missile rocket launchers are built into each forearm. Standard issue missiles are armor piercing or plasma, but fragmentation missiles are used for anti-personnel operations.

Knuckle Blades

Knuckle Blades
Damage Increases hand to hand damage
Weight n/a (integrated system)

Three viscious looking blades extend from the hand and are used in hand to hand combat.

Weapon Ratings

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