Rogue Scientist O.C.C.
Vital statistics
Race ny sentient racetneitneteitnee
Gender Any
Government Anti-CS
Leader Erin Tarn is often regarded to be their leader
Information Place any


Description of the Rogue Scientist O.C.C.

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One of the new Earth's great frontiersmen is the rogue scientist. These men and women suffer from an insatiable lust for knowledge that drives them into the wastelands and wilderness to rediscover their planet, and humankind's past. They explore the ruins of toppled cities and the habits of new and menacing life foization (if applicable) of the Rogue Scientist OCC.☃☃List o= notable membersof the Rogue Scientist OCC.☃☃Riization (if applicable) of the Rogue Scientist OCC.


Notable Members

List of notable membersof the Rogue Scientist OCC.



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