Rogue Scholar O.C.C.
Vital statistics
Race Any, but they tend to be human or some other humanoid and intelligent race
Gender Male or Female
Government Non-CS, either in anti-Coalition groups or on their own
Leader Erin Tarn is often considered to be their leader
Information Rifts: Ultimate Edition


Description of the Rogue Scholar O.C.C.

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The rogue scholar may not be quite what you expect. Like the scientist, he or she is frequently a rugged, physically fit explorer and keeper of knowledge. Also like the scientist, the rogue scholar is on the Coalition States' top most wanted list of criminal activists. They are considered to be more dangerous than the men of science, because the scholar seeks out knowledge and truth and teaches it to others. Science is confusing and intimidating to most people, but the scholar teaches on a much more rudimentary level and is therefore much more dangerous. By simply instilling uneducated people with curiosity, teaching them little things like how to read, write, and arithmetic, they can sow the seeds of destruction for the CS. This completely undermines the Coalition's carefully executed plan to keep its citizens illiterate, uneducated, and complacent. A curious mind will always ask questions and ultimately challenge the authority before it when those questions are not satisfactorily answered, something the "powers that be" often dislike.



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