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Rifts® CCG
Precedence Entertainment, Inc.

The Rifts® Collectible Card Game (CCG) was produced by Precedence Entertainment, Inc., using the Rifts setting licensed by Palladium Books. However, Precedence went out of business soon after the card game was developed, making the CCG hard to find. The artwork and game detail were excellent, however, and this game is definitely worth a look, even if you have never played a CCG before.

Some of the artwork from the CCG was used in the Rifts Ultimate Edition RPG book. In a July 18, 2005 press release, Kevin Siembieda wrote: One of the things I thought would be cool was to reprint a bunch of the color artwork from the short-lived Rifts® CCG. The Rifts® CCG was very fun to play and looked great. Unfortunately, the company that produced the card game went out of business before the first booster set hit store shelves. I always thought that was a shame, and saw Rifts® Ultimate Edition as an opportunity to finally (something like five years later) showcase the work of these talented artists. In fact, Ultimate Edition presents something in the neighborhood of 80 color images in 24 pages of color; 75 or so from the CCG."

Premiere Edition

Rifts® CCG

"Rifts are tears in the very fabric of space and time. They are found at the nexus points where several lines of natural energy (that mankind calls magic) intersect and create a surge in the lines of power." -- Kevin Siembieda, Creator of RIFTS®.

The first (and only) set of cards created for the Rifts CCG is the Premiere edition, consisting of 317 fully illustrated cards. Precedence Entertainment no longer produces the Rifts CCG, so no additional sets were introduced.

The Primeval Rift maintains the official rules, errata, card lists, and a gallery of the card artwork for this card game, as well as other CCGs.

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Rifts® Collectable Card Game (by Precedence Entertainment, Inc.)
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