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The Rifter® #43 Cover

Swimsuit Spectacular


Our third annual Swimsuit Issue of The Rifter®.

  • Material for Rifts®, Heroes Unlimited™, and more.
  • News, coming attractions, lots of art, and lots of fun.
  • 96 pages – Cat. No. 143.

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This is the third annual Swimsuit Issue, which is done every July issue for the Rifter, and includes stats for femme fatale pinups. It is also a tribute issue to the lae, great Erick Wujcik.

In addition to the latest chapter of The Hammer of the Forge™ and the usual Palladium News, this issue features twenty-three beautiful femme fatales, fully statted out for their game of choice.

Femme Fatales

The following are brief descriptions of the NPCs from this issue:

Under Construction

Doctor Feral™ & his Sex Kittens and Wildcats

For After the Bomb®, Heroes Unlimited™ and Ninjas & Superspies™.

Doc Feral was one of Erick Wujcik's favorite villains.


For After the Bomb®.

B.E. Vollbier

For After the Bomb®.

Shelly Shocks

For After the Bomb®.

Candy Roux

For After the Bomb®.


For Heroes Unlimited™.

Crimson Waters

For Ninjas & Superspies™.

Shujumi & Hezikiah

For Ninjas & Superspies™.

Hanayome Ichibetsu

For Ninjas & Superspies™.


For Nightbane®.


For Palladium Fantasy®.


Ma Preview

For Palladium Fantasy®.

Cana Laurel & Jarrow the basilisk

For Palladium Fantasy®.

Jinx & Alexander

For Rifts®.


For Rifts®.

Shana the Twin Axe

For Rifts®.

Shui Nu Ling

For Rifts® China.

Mara & Xiang

For Rifts®.


For Rifts®.

Captain Moi Tse Hun

For Rifts® China 2™.

Queen Rahela of Worldgate™

For Rifts® Wormwood™.

Senator Nicole Teigs

For Splicers®.

Crystal & The Trans-D Tavern

For Rifts®, Phase World®, After the Bomb® & Other RPG Settings

Under Construction


Cover Painting: Crimson Waters, standing before a scenic lake, by Mark Evans.

Full-Page Illustration: A commemorative illustration showing Erick Wujcik surrounded by some of the characters and settings he created graces page 6. Artwork by the indomitable Kent Burles.

Interior Art: Doctor Feral and his entorage are illustrated by Kevin Siembieda. Sumaiya, Pyxee , and Queen Rahela of Worldgate™ are drawn my Mike Mumah. B.E. Vollbier is illustrated by Brian Manning. Shelly Shocks is darwn by Erin Lindsey. Art for Candy Roux is by Scott Leopold. Thump's art is by Jared Trulock. Shujumi and Hezikiah are illustrated by Apollo Okamura. Hanayome Ichibetsu is drawn by Amy L. Ashbaugh. Art for Mevka is by Michael Dubisch. Ma is illustrated by Michael Wilson. Cana Laurel & Jarrow the Basilisk is by Kent Burles. Shui Nu Ling, Jinx and Alexander are drawn by the incomperable Larry Elmore. Evie and Shanna the Twin Axe are illustrated by Mike Leonard. Senator Nicole Teigs, Mara & Xiang are drawn by Chuck Walton. Art for Calla is by Allen Manning. Captain Moi Tse Hun is drawn by Mark Dudley. Crystal are the Trans-D regulars are drawn by Nick Bradshaw.


Under Construction


  • Under Construction
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