The Rifter Number Thirteen

The Rifter is a synthesis of game master and players' guide, talent show, fan forum, sourcebook and fun for the entire megaverse of Palladium RPG. Every issue, unique and informative.

Issue number 13 is packed with material for Palladium Fantasy and Beyond the Supernatural, along with Rifts and lots of great ideas and source material.

  • Questions and Answers
  • Palladium Fantasy RPG adventure, magic items, and spells.
  • Beyond the Supernatural character classes, skills and curses.
  • BTS adventure and ideas
  • Rifts Dark Techno-wizard items and OCC's
  • Knights of the dinner Table comic strip
  • Rifts Lone Star comic strip
  • Rifts Hammer of the Forge (fiction)

The sections on Rifts Dark Techno-Wizardry ~15 pages, include the Necro-Tech OCC which combines necromancy with technowizardry creating TW Bone Bionics, and techno horror monsters. The Techno-Shifter OCC combines technowizardry with shifter powers, and has TW summoning devices, and magical TW devices and weapons powered by entities and elemental. Includes TS Lava cannons, Medusa rifles, lightning guns, and an assortment of other weapons powered by trapped elementals.