Vital statistics
Race Any
Gender Any
Government Varies
Leader N/A
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Quote "What can I say, I like taking things apart to see how they tick. Nothin' like fixing or building something with your own hands."

The Operator is a super-mechanic and repairman. A mechanical and electrical whiz-kid who can fix just about anything that has gears and wires. As such, they are always a welcome sight in any community and are treated with respect and admiration. An Operator rarely has to pay for his own meals or a bed to lie on. Of course, the proprietor or town council may have some little repair job that they’d like him to do for a reasonable fee. There are no set fees for a particular job, so the fee and currency changes from place to place. Repairing an irrigation system at a wealthy town may mean 30,000 in credits, at a poor town payment may be a hot meal, a broken-down horse, and some basic supplies.

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Jury-Rig Repairs: The Operator can slap together solid temporary repairs in half the time that lasts twice as long. See the Jury-Rig Skill.

Find Parts and Components

Recognize Machine Quality

Repair and Soup-Up Machines & Vehicles


City Operator The City Operator is a mechanic who has grown up on the streets. These operators are City Rats with a mechanical aptitude.

Special Equipment: A full workshop/home

'Wilderness Operator The "wandering" or "nomad" operator enjoy the great outdoors. Their knowledge comes from practicle experience rather than book studies. These mechanics can get eccentric from spending so much time in the wilderness.

Special Skills: Assess Mechanical Quality

The Armorer This is the cross between an operator and a soldier. Their speciality is weapons but they can hold their own in a workshop.

Special Skills: Weapons and Armor Engineer

Special Equipment: collection of Gadgets