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Palladium Book® of Monsters and Animals™ Second Edition Cover


Monsters & Animals is an excellent sourcebook for the Palladium RPG, Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, and Beyond the Supernatural, or any fantasy game. Most of its 90 monsters are new and original, not the usual fare of typical monsters from myth. Many, like the Bearman, Coyle, Endroth, giant Rahu-man, Ratling, Dwarvling, Lizard Mage, and others, are available as optional player character races. ALL are described in detail and realistically illustrated.

Players of the Palladium RPG will find the Palladium World brought into clearer focus, with much more information about the world overall and the creatures that inhabit it. The conniving Waternix, the ferocious Devil Digger, Bogiemen, Beast Dragon, Rock Crawler, Scorpion Devil, Snaggletooth Gobbler, Serpent Beast, Tri-Fang, Waterbat and Wing Tips, are but a few of the wondrous creatures waiting to fill your campaign.

The second section contains complete stats on nearly 200 real animals, from canine and feline to poisonous snakes and birds of prey. An unrivaled reference adaptable to Palladium or any RPG system.

The Revised Monsters & Animals is an upgraded version of the previous edition. Most notably, the monsters all have "horror factor" stats so that they can be easily transplanted into Beyond the Supernatural or Rifts®. There is also a small section about the horror factor of animals. The biggest change is the reorganization of the animal section, which now lets players find a specific animal quickly. A handful of new monstrous animals have been added too. They include the giant octopus and squid, alligator, saltwater crocodile and others. Cosmetically, the entire book has been re-typeset and a striking new cover completes the face lift.

Highlights Include:

  • 90 Monsters.
  • Nearly 200 animals.
  • Great for Beyond the Supernatural™ with its scores of "real-life" animals and easily adaptable monsters.
  • Specifically for the Palladium Fantasy RPG® complete with maps showing the habitat for every creature.
  • Suitable for any of the Palladium Books' role-playing games.
  • Written and illustrated by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 240 pages
  • Cat. No. 454; I.S.B.N. 0-916211-12-6

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