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Mining is a dangerous business. Cave-ins, land slides, explosions and poison gases are but a few of the hazards faced when mining for the treasures of gold, silver, copper, iron, coal, and other valuable minerals deep below the earth. Nobody quite knows who first came up with the idea to use bionics for mining, but such augmentation and full conversions are common in the Western Territories. Bionic conversions are often provided and paid for by wealthy (and hopeful) landowners, mining tycoons, mining unions or large towns and cities (like Silvereno where more than 60% of the miners are 'Borgs) in exchange for 8-10 years of service (plus room and board, and a tiny salary). After those years of service, the Mining 'Borg can become "freelance" or "independent" and go prospecting on his own. Many people find this to be a cheap and easy way to attain the power only a mechanical body can offer them.

Mining 'Borgs are specifically designed for strength and mining, so hands and forearms are equipped with various types of interchangeable drills, lasers and torches for cutting through rock and digging. Those who get tired of prospecting and mining or have nothing but bad luck, may quit mining and either become a builder or an adventurer, but always with an eye out for precious metals and stones, and the possibility of a big strike.

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