Mega-Damage is a type of damage which was introduced in Robotech and adapted into Rifts and Splicers.

RUE 355 has "Mega-Damage & M.D.C."

Although this is thought by some to only be an out-of-universe term, there are examples of NPCs in the games canonically using the term establishing it is actually part of the world's vocabulary.

Canon mentions

Rifts mentions

month? 1993 WB1 Wormwood page 30, Erin Tarn circa December 103PA

  1. (left column "The Wormspeaker", 2nd paragraph) "Underneath her tattered robes, her body was encircled by several python-sized worms that served as mega-damage body armor."
  2. (right column "The Crawling Tower", 3rd paragraph) "We would soon learn that everything on Wormwood, including its indigenous human populace, are mega-damage structures, which meant these encroaching towers were walking fortresses."

August 2000 SOT2 Coalition Overkill page 60, Pax Tyrannica's final words (~106 P.A.) include:

Sitting against a wall of Mega-Damage stone, I can feel the explosion's vibration rattle faintly into my spine

July 2006 WB29 Madhaven page 10, Erin Tarn in September 109 PA:

In many places, a canopy of steel beams, cable, Mega-Damage concrete and debris hangs overhead; some covered in grass, weeds or vines.

Robotech mentions


Splicers mentions

Page 18 has "Mega-Damage beings" and "Mega-Damage structures" appear in the journal of Ralph Bellamy (which began on page 16)