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General Equipment


Generic Gear
  • Wilk's Portable Laser Torch
  • Wilk's Laser Wand
Surveillence Gear
  • item
Computer Gear
  • Pocket Digital Device (or PDD)
Medical Gear
  • Wilk's Laser Scalpel



General information about Weapons can be found here.


Military Melee Weapons
  • Vibro-Blades
  • Neural Mace
Commercial Melee Weapons
  • Juicer Chainsaw


Commercial Firearms
  • Wilk's 320 Laser Pistol
  • Wilk's 447 Laser Pistol
  • Northern Gun NG-57 Pistol
  • Northern Gun NG-Super Pistol
  • Northern Gun NG-33 Pistol
  • Northern Gun NG-L5 Laser Pistol
  • Northern Gun NG-P7 Plasma Pistol
  • Northern Gun L-20 Rifle
  • Juicer Assassin JA-11 Rifle
  • Juicer JA-9 Rifle
  • Northern Gun NG-101
  • Northern Gun NG-202
Coalition Firearms
  • Coalition C-18 Laser Pistol
  • C-10 Laser Pistol
  • C-12
  • C-14
  • C-127
  • Coalition CV-212 Variable Frequency Laser Rifle
  • CR-1


Missiles, Grenades and Explosives
  • Explosives
  • Missiles
  • Grenades



General information about Armor can be found here.

Commercial Body Armor
  • Gladiator
  • Crusader
  • Juicer
  • Urban Warrior
  • Plastic-Man
  • Huntsman
  • Bushman
Military Body Armor
  • Coalition CA-1 Dead Boy Armor
  • Coalition CA-2 Dead Boy Armor
  • Coalition DPM 101 Riot Armor

There also exists a type of body armor that contains an exoskeleton, which reinforces the character's skeleton and enhances their abilities. Normally these are reserved for military body armor types, and some are restricted in use to Cyborgs, Juicers, and equivalent characters.

Exoskeleton Body Armor
  • That Coalition One (CA-6EX?)
  • item

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