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The ecto-traveler is created by implanting a cluster of brain implants that is physically debilitating but psychically liberating. The recipient of the implants becomes completely paralyzed and must be sustained by life support systems. The character can speak and open and close his eyes, but all other motor functions are lost! Without a medical life support system, the lungs and/or heart will eventually (within several weeks without support) cease to function.

Uncooperative or despondent characters may require drugs or psionic stimulation/communication to be motivated, especially at first. For some unwilling victims, the threat of being unplugged from life support (and the promise of eventual restoration) is enough to garner the person's cooperation. However, after awhile, many subjected to the ecto-traveler conversion grow to love their new-found power. Many also become delusional and dangerously maniacal. Note: Only the Angel of Death and a handful of her cyber-docs know how to create an ecto-traveler. She has 13 at her disposal and an estimated dozen or so exist outside of Mindwerks (five are known to exist in Poland and two in Germany).

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