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Dog Boy O.C.C.
Vital statistics
Race Genetically Modified Dog (according to Rifts Ultimate Edition)
Gender Male or Female
Government Feral or Coalition States
Leader Pack Leader or Psi-Stalker
Information Also Known as: Psi-Hounds or "Dog Packs"


A Dog Boy is the nickname given by Coalition States armed forces to the humanoid psychic sensitive they use to sniff out psis and supernatural beings within CS territory. The name is often applied regardless of the individual's gender. The Dog Boy is genetically uplifted from domestic canine or wolf stock in the laboratories of the Coalition State of Lone Star and exported primarily to the Coalition State of Chi-Town. Dog Boys in service to the Coalition States are most often encountered in small groups led by a Psi-Stalker, with whom they are usually very close. Such beings in the employ of NTSET are often termed "Psi-Hounds."

The Coalition States value the Psi-Hound's life very little, viewing them as working animals with few or no rights of their own. Occasionally a Psi-Hound is released from Coalition service, or deserts, and such Psi-Hounds may take up the life of a wandering adventurer, doing their best to protect the remnants of human society from the supernatural threats that surround it.

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The Dog Boy is a bipedal humanoid modified from a domestic dog such as a terrier or golden retriever, or a wolf. He or she has two hands with four fingers and fully opposable thumbs. The Dog Boy's head resembles that of the breed he was uplifted from, and is proportioned to his body. He stands between four feet and six feet, eight inches tall, and adopts a slouched posture. When speed is necessary, a Dog Boy will get down and run on all fours, increasing his pace but preventing him from carrying anything in his hands. His brain has been augmented, and is very much the same size as the average human's. A Dog Boy has limited color vision, sharp ears, and an even sharper nose. He can speak most languages known on Rifts Earth.

A Dog Boy is considered a master psionic. In addition, a Dog Boy can use a small number of Psychic Sensitive powers.

Every Dog Boy can sense supernatural beings and energy without employing a conventional sense. Some Dog Boys describe the sensation as "noise." They all agree that energy being used is much easier to sense than energy being stored. They can sense a psychic or mystic who is not employing her powers at range. Supernatural beings such as dragons and vampires give off a psychic scent or marker that the Dog Boy can detect from much further away.


See Rifts Ultimate Edition for more Information.


Dog-Boys exist in a pack-like structure, which is inclusive of Psi-Stalkers or their human masters. Often, there is little abuse of the Dog-Boys by their human masters, as they obey any given order and the benefits of working with one far outweigh the risks; they are a soldier's literal "best friend."

Notable Members

List of notable membersof the Dog Boy OCC.


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