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Cyber-Doc O.C.C.
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"The body is an art form in and of itself. Each sinew, each hair, has been designed through countless millenia of perfection. My job is to make the perfect better."

Vincent Morebucks, Coalition Cyber-Doc

Thanks to bionics being illegal to the public in many places, bionic augmentation has gone underground and is often available only through underworld sources like the Black Market and independent entrepreneurs. This means there are seldom any industry standards for quality, and the buyer gets whatever service and quality are available. Consequently, many are the horror stories of bionic Body-Chop-Shops that are more like butcher shops, and which earn the profession of Cyber-Doc a bad reputation.

In the broadest sense of the word, a Cyber-Doc is any doctor, surgeon, or scientist who specializes in cybernetics and/or bionics. However, the term "Cyber-Doc" has come to refer to the notorious underworld figure found in the Down Side, 'Burbs, and underworld of most cities. A character who is often seen as a self-serving illegal doctor who works outside the law for his own profit.

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History of the Cyber-Doc O.C.C.


Cyber-docs can essentially be a part of any organization, obviously excluding any city-states that declare cybernetics and bionics illegal, so long as they follow the unique laws of that organization. Very many, however, have gone underground and do their jobs illegally. Cyber-docs who perform illegal cybernetic operations pose themselves at great risk for their tasks, but are alloted more freedom in what cybernetic and bionic enhancements they can use. Sadly, they also are not burdened with quality control or even keeping the same building as their shop - many even move their business daily - these businesses are usually Body-Chop-Shops and are not fully able to accommodate all cybernetics.

Moreover, the nature of cybernetics and bionics range so widely that a cyber-doc from one area will not necessarily be able to tend to all his clients in another area as laws on cybernetics, the cultural concepts of cybernetic and bionic enhancement therein, and most commonly the cybernetic/bionic enhancements themselves are quite different from country to country (and some places even city to city)

The legality of Cybernetics

Depending on where the Cyber-Doc is completely and directly affects the efficiency of his work as legality often affects quality, commonality, price, and even the Cyber-Doc's personal safety.

Laws of Cybernetics according to each main nation-state

Notable Members

List of notable membersof the Cyber-Doc O.C.C.