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The officers of the Consortium Armed Forces Fleet Command (CAFFCO) are extensively trained in the art of leadership as well as a number of technical specialties. Since the CAF has to operate across galactic distances, often a long distance away from the established command structure, officers are expected to deal with many situations using their own initiative. People who hesitate or are unsure of themselves are shunted to rear-echelon "console jobs," and assigned to the less elite CAF Officers Corps. The ones that graduate do so with a wide variety of skills and the ability to face the unexpected.

Theoretically, at least - no amount of training can predict how a Fleet Officer will deal with real life situations. Overall, however, CAFFCO officers are some of the most resourceful beings in the Three Galaxies. Most are able to command a starship, engage in ship to ship combat, survive in the wilderness, and/or conduct guerrilla warfare with improvised weapons. Many CAFFCO graduates end up working as secret agents, or are assigned to elite Special Forces units. Their self-reliance gives them an edge when dealing with Transgalactic Empire Officers, who tend to follow orders more closely and have a strict regime of performance. On the other hand, in large-scale battles the Empire sometimes has the upper hand, because CAF officers tend to forget the "big picture."

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