30. Does the boxing skill add an attack at all times or just during melee that doesn't involve missile weapons?

Answer: Only during melee weapons combat it does not apply to any form of ranged combat.

60. Is it possible to knock someone/something with the boxing skill while wielding a weapon, say a short sword, or is it something that can only be done with fists.

Answer: The knockout stun attacks from boxing are considered to be from hand strikes. Of course punching can still be done while holding a sword (knuckle- duster/brass knuckles), and if not being descriptive in combat you might rule that instead of hitting with the sword you punched them.

131. With the ability of Superior Bowmanship the Longbowman has a special schedule for attacks (as he goes up levels) does the +1 attack due to the boxing skill add to these? If not then a regular bowman with boxing would have 3 attacks, but the longbowman only 2!

Answer: Boxing does not apply to rate of fire for either of them.