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Volume ONE focuses on NORTH America.

gold edition

Earth: A New Home

Rifts Earth has become home to numerous non-human races. Some are the result of science, such as Dog Boys, while others arrived on Earth by traveling through on one the many Rifts through time and space. Since Rifts Earth is a dimensional nexus, creatures from throughout the Megaverse now call Earth home.

Sentient Creatures

Some of the races now on Earth are intelligent. Some are benign, some are selfish, and some are evil. These non-human sentients are referred to as "Dimensional Beings", or "D-Bees".

A number of races can advance in any occupation, the same as humans, although often with some restriction. Others generally follow a specific way of life, or rely on natural instincts rather than training. These follow their own path of advancement.


Monsters generally fall in two categories: unintelligent (or semi-intelligent) beasts and animals, or intelligent but cruel and depraved creatures who torture and enslave those that are beneath them.

A great resource for both of the above is the Palladium Book of Monsters & Animals™. Written for the The Palladium Role-Playing Game, this book details 90 monsters and over 200 animals common to the Palladium world, most of which are also found on Rifts Earth. Some are available as races for players, as well.

Other monsters are detailed in Rifts Sourcebooks, and are not suited for use as player characters, but make excellent NPCs and adversaries.